The Verdict: Is Kim Kardashian's SKIMS Collection Really Worth The Hype?

No matter how hard you try and fight it, it’s near impossible to hide from celebrity fashion brands—namely, the brands created at the hands of the world’s most famous family. Yes, the Kardashian-Jenners have long taken their fame beyond their reality series to launch global labels, from the days of DASH (which OG Kardashian fans will know all about) to billion-dollar empires in KKW Beauty and Kylie Jenner Cosmetics, right through to Kendall Jenner’s recently launched tequila brand 818 Tequila. 

But it’s Kim Kardashian West’s clothing venture, SKIMS, launched in 2018, that has seemingly captured a global following in the years since its initial release, regularly seeing sellout success worldwide. As we know though, celebrity-founded clothing lines are, to say the least, a saturated market, but considering SKIMS has continued to dominate, being stocked at the world’s most exclusive retailers—from Net-A-Porter to Australia’s own David Jones—there’s a certain allure that immediately finds itself attached to the product, one which I can’t deny I am continuously captivated by.

For years, friends in my circle and across social media have long praised SKIMS for its innovative products, including shapewear that promises to give a Kim Kardashian-like curvature, and sleepwear that’s been touted as both comfortable and chic. It’s an interesting thing to behold, considering shapewear and sleepwear are not new genres in the fashion world, but SKIMS’ game-changing products offered it in a diverse range of flesh-tone colours and sizes, and surprisingly, at a relatively affordable price point. 

So, at a time when being cosy is a high priority, while still wanting to look somewhat dressed and put together, I figured there was no better time to actually put the brand’s Cozy Collection to the test. After all, if it’s what Kim Kardashian is lounging around the house in, it has to deliver a certain luxurious feeling to the every day, right? 

Upon hearing that SKIMS was (finally) going to be stocked in David Jones, and was accessible to Australian shoppers, I knew that my years of umming and ahhing about whether or not to invest was decided. I justified my decision by the fact that after weeks in Sydney’s lockdown, I needed a set that was going to make me “feel my best”, as the brand claims to do, and couldn’t help fight the urge to see for myself what all the fuss was about. 

It was easy to make the choice on what to purchase, considering I had been tossing up the idea for months now. I opted for the brand’s Cozy Knit Pants, Cozy Knit Tank and Cozy Knit Pullover, all in black. While Kim regularly posts herself lounging around in the white collection of pieces, realistically, who wants to be constantly on edge while cooking and cleaning in their comfortable knitwear? Not me. After ordering from the DJ’s website, it took all of 24 hours for the set to arrive, and excited was an understatement. Opening up and feeling the product for the first time, no word of a lie, it was some of the softest fabric I had ever felt—kind of like those huge teddy blankets you used to have at your mum and dad’s house as a kid. 

The pieces are made from a stretchy boucle yarn that is, admittedly, very comfortable and even more flattering (which was to be expected from a Kardashian designed product). Upon wearing it for the first time on my Saturday lounging around in lockdown, the boucle knit was warm, but incredibly breathable, so while I was bundled up I wasn’t sweating or overheating, including when doing the mundane tasks you have to imagine aren’t on Kim K’s daily agenda, from hanging out the washing to unstacking the dishwasher. What I will say though is, don’t make the same mistake I did and be so excited to wear the pieces that you don’t give them a wash prior to jumping straight into them. If you’ve ever owned a fleece or boucle knit before, you’ll know that new pieces tend to shed—like, a lot. When taking my pants and tank off at the end of the day, I was covered from head-to-toe in black fluff, which had also left a trail behind me wherever I went in my apartment. 

I’ve since washed my set and it hasn’t lost any of that uber-soft feeling, but has stopped shedding onto my skin and floor. I’d also recommend for my fellow short ladies, that you’re probably better off going for the Cozy Jogger pants, as the pants are far too long for my legs and I’ll have to get them tailored to not drag as I’m walking around. I’m also not a huge fan of how the Knit Tank sits, as it cuts a little too high under my armpits (again, assuming that comes down to my height). All in all, would I recommend the Skims Cozy collection though? Absolutely yes. The set is now my at-home favourite to wear, they’re comfortable but I could definitely get away with ducking to the shops in them without looking like I’d worn pyjamas to get groceries, while also making me feel like I’ve somehow managed to wear an outfit for the day. For me, that’s a huge feat considering my everyday routine has usually involved a pair of leggings paired with whatever sweatshirt I can find. 

Safe to say, I’m beyond happy with the purchase and finally understand what all the hype is about (what I thought was simply a response to Kardashian’s fame, is completely warranted for the quality of the products). Next, I’m setting my sights on the brand’s shapewear collection. 


Image Credits: SKIMS