Golden Wattle Tea, Lisa Song

If you’re looking for new ways to indulge in rejuvenating and refreshing experiences, look no further than Golden Wattle Tea, the Australian tea company that has been growing and handcrafting tea since 2015.

With the expertise of their skilled tea masters and blenders, Golden Wattle Tea brings you a range of perfectly balanced flavours and aromas, all created with the finest natural botanicals, herbs and adaptogens to target everything from promoting relaxation and sleep, boosting vitality, enhancing skin health and strengthening the immune system.

Below, founder Lisa Song opens up about the inspiration behind Golden Wattle Tea, the blend that brings her a continuous ‘sense of pride’ and a few words of encouragement to follow your passions.
“My mum had been taking herbal sleeping supplements from Australia ever since I came to here 25 years ago. One day, she said she was worried that she would become dependent on these supplements too much; so I started looking into their ingredients. I found that the main herbal ingredients in concentrated extract form were valerian, hops and lemon balm. I was thinking surely there is a way to utilise these herbal ingredients in a much more natural and healthy way instead of using supplements that use chemical processes to extract concentrates of the ingredients.

"After months of research and consulting with different herbalists, I decided to create natural functional herbal tea blends with Australian tea and herbs. As I was in charge of the entire process, from sourcing the ingredients to the final manufacture of the end product, I was able to develop detailed quality control procedures to ensure highest quality teas are delivered to the customer.”“I was really happy and felt a sense of pride when I saw reviews of my Sleeping Beauty Tea. People loved the taste and were really impressed by its relaxing affects. They said it helped them calmly drift off to sleep and in the morning, they felt refreshed and energetic. This made me feel quite emotional because my own mother had such trouble sleeping and now, I created a product that helped people with the same problem.”“1. There is never the perfect plan, just do it and adjust your plan while you are on the journey. 2. Instead of exhausting energy and cash flow looking for big sales platforms, focus on your products, as good products find their own way to a bigger audience. 3. Don’t focus too much on your competitors, go at your own pace and focus on your business plan.”“I believe supporting and empowering female-founded businesses is a solid and strategic economic decision. Women have come far. We have shown ourselves as significant assets to economic growth and a brighter future. Our contribution to job creation, empathetic leadership and economic growth is significant.”“Right now, for a refreshing summer tasting brew Emerald Mango Paradise is one of the best green teas. It takes me straight to a tropical sandy island with every sip. You can brew it hot or make a cold infusion with still or sparkling water. Australian grown seasonal mango, coconut flakes and fresh green tea make an irresistible fresh beverage with a summer vibe.”