Nuage Interiors, Najah Baroudi

Nuage Interiors, an Australian brand founded by husband-and-wife duo Najah Baroudi and Fares Al-Sarawi, offers a completely new and fresh take on modern nursery decor. With luxurious yet practical designs at the heart of each piece, the pair have perfectly blended their creative vision, born from their own desires to find functional, chic and timeless furnishings for their nursery. 

Whether it’s the brand’s Cloud Rocker and Ottoman or unique Bouclé Ball Pit, you’re sure to find the perfect addition to your home here. Below, Baroudi opens up on the couple’s Nuage Interiors journey, including the inspiration behind the brand and what she wish she’d known before launching.

“As a mum-to-be at the time of Nuage Interiors' conception, I felt that there was a real lack of stylish furniture for the nursery that didn’t compromise practicality.”
“I would have to say having Nuage Interiors featured on Vogue Australia was a major pinch-me moment.”“1. Managing inventory, 2. Logistics, 3. How to be more resilient when challenges arise."“In my case it has given me the opportunity to not only operate and run a successful business, but also raise a family at the same time. Allowing women the ability to not have to compromise on their careers and dreams and have children at the same time is incredible.”“Our latest chair, the Jolié Rocker is just divine, not just for the nursery but also for any living space! It’s ridiculously comfortable yet so aesthetically pleasing.”