Peppermint Grove, Hannah Drury

From refreshing Lemongrass and Lime and deliciously sweet Lychee and Guava to cosy Vanilla Caramel, Hannah Drury’s Peppermint Grove has garnered a reputation for beautiful scents dressed in stunning vessels, with a touch of personalisation that allows every person to make the brand’s creations uniquely their own.

The brand’s extensive range of home fragrances and bath and body care are designed and made using high-quality ingredients at their in-house perfumery in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales, with each product fitted in polished and custom-designed glassware that adds to its sophistication. Beyond its specially made scents, the brand also offers up free engraving, allowing you to create the perfect gifts (for yourself and loved ones).

Below, Drury shares a snapshot into Peppermint Grove’s beginnings and the scent which is her current favourite.“I was 24, a few years out of university and working long hours in a full-time position in a similar industry. I wasn’t okay with the fact that I was putting my blood, sweat and tears into someone else’s dream… I wanted to work for myself and do my own thing. So I did. I was passionate about developing a range featuring unique designs with fabulous fragrances that added to the aesthetics of the home.”

“Peppermint Grove was born in October 2014 from the comfort of my home in Sydney. The brand started with a range of candles and diffusers in 10 fragrances. I was so pleasantly surprised with the market’s reception to the brand! Within 12 months I had approx. 400 independent retailers stocking Peppermint Grove.”“As a wholesaler and manufacturer, it was (and still is) extremely important to manage our supply chain in all stages of product development – from idea through to fruition. Managing raw materials, hiring staff as well as implementing the structure to support the rapid growth is a constant struggle!”“It’s important to support female-founded businesses in an effort to close the gender gap and recognise the work women accomplish in their respective fields.”“I have a slight obsession with our new Peppermint Grove Limited Edition ‘Persimmon & Lily’. The fragrance is divine and the holographic painted vessel is something new for us and unique to our collection.”