Snuggle Hunny, Julie Mathers

Having founded one of Australia’s largest eco-stores, Flora & Fauna, Julie Mathers recently turned her sights to a new project — Snuggle Hunny. The online store, made to take the stress out of finding your newborn needs, creates everything from beautiful baby clothes, swaddles, wraps, milestone cards and more, all of which embrace Australia and the country around. 

Of course, with her experience in the eco-concious space, Mathers has brought together an expert curation of pieces that are better for “baby, people and planet.” Whether it’s newborn gifts for loved ones or for your own journey, the brand has a piece that will be sure to be treasured. 

Below, Mathers shares a few learnings from the Snuggle Hunny journey so far.

“I bought Snuggle Hunny in Feb 2022 after having exited Flora & Fauna that same month. I saw the beauty in the brand and the potential to grow the brand and build on what makes it great whilst also doing more in purpose and sustainability. I love building better brands.”“It was very recent and that was when we launched our new branding. It’s an evolution from where we were, which I think is important. An evolution, not a revolution. It was a great moment as it’s the next stage of our journey.”“These are things I learnt as opposed to things I wish I’d known. I think learning is a key part of running a business.  1. Cashflow, cashflow, cashflow - manage your cash and costs always. 2. Listen to your customers and keep listening. Ignore them at your peril. 3. Keep it simple. Keep things simple and don’t overcomplicate them. If you’re confused your customers will be.”“Female founders get less than 1% of VC funding - it is appalling. We have to work harder and smarter to get on and move forward. The glass ceiling is still there and it might even be concrete now; we’re definitely not advancing at the rate we should be.  So, please support female owned businesses to raise awareness of what amazing women are doing.”“PS And watch your cash.”