Thanks to the world of social media (namely the popularity of TikTok), it’s never been easier to get a real, honest review on the latest and greatest in the world of beauty. Daily, and even hourly, millions around the world are testing the must-have products from all our favourite beauty brands — providing unfiltered, in-real-time thoughts on what’s good (and what’s not). Lucky for us, that means we have a growing list of products to add to our beauty routine, some of which are now famed household names.

Here, we break down eight viral beauty products that are actually worth the hype and of course, where you can shop them during Her Black Book’s ‘Beauty Fest’.

You might think of Rare Beauty and have an urge to instantly *eye roll* at yet another celebrity beauty line, but Selena Gomez’s now-cult products speak for themselves — especially the brand’s Liquid Blush. Highly pigmented, buildable, and available across a range of cool, warm and deep shades, this is a can’t miss product to add to your glam routine.

Rihanna says it best when describing Fenty Beauty’s Poutsicle Lip Stain: “This product just hits different. You get that sexy, wet-look shine and your lips feel super hydrated." It’s easy to see why it didn’t take long for this formula to become an instant hit, leaving a colourful, long-lasting colour that doesn’t budge.

If you’ve been seeing big, bouncy curls all over your Instagram feeds recently, you can hold the release of ghd’s Curve Thin Wand responsible. Featuring the brand’s narrowest wand yet (with a 14mm ceramic barrel), this small but mighty tool is designed to create tight, defined curls that leave a lasting impact.

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With a set of the world’s most iconic brows, influencer Jess Hunt launched REFY Beauty to help others achieve their best, most perfectly defined and natural-looking brows yet. The Brow Sculpt works in 3 steps, to sculpt, shape and set brows in place, and yes, the products are as good as you’d expect.

Ever wanted your makeup to be locked in place, but never found the perfect product to do it? Well, you probably haven’t been introduced to Milk Makeup’s Grip Primer. The award-winning formula offers up the glam trifecta, smoothing skin, gripping makeup and locking in hydration, leaving a signature even finish.

If TikTok’s queen of beauty, MUA Mikayla Nogueira, is trusting Charlotte Tilbury’s Beautiful Skin for her wedding day foundation — you just know it has to be good. The name says it all, with a lightweight, creamy formula that is jam-packed with natural ingredients (like Hyaluronic Acid and Rose Complex) designed to enhance your natural glow.

Ever wondered how Bella Hadid gets her signature slicked back, shiny bun to look so perfect? Olaplex No.7 Bonding Oil. The hardworking product doesn’t just serve up the ultimate styling oil though, with ingredients designed to increase shine, softness and colour vibrancy, while repairing damaged strands.

When it comes to the original beauty powerplayers, Sand & Sky’s iconic Australian pink clay mask instantly springs to mind. The worldwide best seller is the OG in detoxifying and brightening solutions, delivering unbeatable results for congested skin. So if you’re in need of some extra TLC this winter, you can’t go past this mask.

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