The idea of crystal healing is by no means new, with the phenomenon having captured the world’s attention for centuries. From appearing in our beauty tools to infused in skincare and appearing across our jewellery, the crystal craze isn’t ending anytime soon — and for good reason. If you’ve ever dipped your toes into the powerful world of crystal healing, you’ll already know it come with a unique ability to heal and connect, as well as recharge and ground.

But how do you know where to start? Whether you’re looking to find more positive energy, aid in sleep or increase feelings of confidence, there is a crystal suited to it. Australia’s own CLB Luxe was founded to bring those healing properties to the forefront, with their unique range of crystal products designed for relaxation (and to switch off from the stresses of daily life).

Here, get to know the CLB Luxe range and see which crystal is suited to you.

Known for its ability to bring a sense of tranquility and calmness, Amethyst is a powerful crystal best for reducing anxiety, balancing mood swings and absorbing negative energy. As the CLB Luxe site describes, “Amethyst is your best friend when it comes to choosing a crystal to aid in sleep.” Our pick from the range? The Amethyst Eye Mask.

If you’re after a little bit of lady luck in your life, Jade is the crystal for you. Best described as bringing fortune, happiness and protection, the crystal has been used for centuries and “carries a powerful energy to aid in healing, help support business ventures and release negative thoughts”, as CLB Luxe describes. A fun fact too, Jade was the original stone used in beauty tools, with properties known to calm and cool irritated skin, leaving the complexion soft and glowing.

If you’re a fan of Miranda Kerr’s Kora Organics, you might not realise it’s because of the healing and nurting properties of Rose Quartz, which all of the products in the range are filtered through prior to bottling. Beyond skincare though, Rose Quartz is a gentle, loving crystal that helps open the heart chakra, and has been known to bring meaningful connections.

As “the master healing crystal”, Clear Quartz is an amplifying crystal that returns the favour — meaning, “whatever you give it, it will give it back tenfold.” Best used by those who hope to manifest their hopes and dreams, with powerful energy for clarity and creativity.

“Amazing for confidence, taking action and moving forward in your goals,” Tigers Eye is the crystal for those seeking courage and motivation to step beyond their comfort zones. Our pick? CLB Luxe’s Tigers Eye Full Face Mask, so you can immerse yourself in your creative ambition.

Sourced from a volcano, Black Obsidian is made up of elements of earth, water and fire, giving it immense power to “cleanse the aura and protect against negativity.” Often used by psychics to connect with the spiritual world and in Feng Shui, CLB Luxe’s décolletage mask is uniqely hand crafted with 648 Black Obsidian pieces, helping shield against negative energy and connect to the root chakra.