There’s a time in every beauty lover’s life, when their shelves are in desperate need of a refresh. While you could turn to your old faithfuls when your routine is slowly filling up with empties, it offers up the perfect time to try something new. Thankfully, there’s always plenty of skin-loving products just waiting to be tried. It can be hard to navigate though, so naturally, we couldn’t help but share a few of the current buys on our beauty lists — from body oils to body washes and leave-in conditioners, here’s a few favourites to place centre stage on your shelf.

If you’re yet to hear of the luxurious, nature-inspire and age-defying skincare range at Tropicology — let us introduce you. Using the healing and restorative qualities of avocado, active botanicals and Australian native extracts, the brand specialises in nourishing and hydrating formulas. Our pick? The brand’s Certified Organic Pure Avocado Body Oil, a deeply moisturising oil for an all-over glow.

fresh beauty’s newly-launched Tea Elixir is a serum designed to do it all in just a few drops. And by do it all, we mean boost skin resilience, reduce fine lines, smooth out texture and deeply hydrate. For smooth, glowing and resilient skin, add this hard-working formula into your daily routine.

We already know (and love) the range at Bangn Body, so of course, the brand’s latest innovation is headed straight to the top of our must-have beauty buys. This time, the brand is coming for our shower rituals, releasing a multifaceted all over wash formulated with nourishing antioxidants like Guava and Pineapple Fruit Extract. It’s also a gentle exfoliant, for an instantly smooth finish. Plus, as is to be expected, the smell is everything and more.

Who doesn’t dream of having hair as silky and luscious as Jonathan Van Ness? The hairstylist and television personality’s latest haircare release is offering up just that, a leave-in conditioning treatment designed to instantly hydrate, condition and protect.

If you’re already a lover of Estée Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair, you’ll love the latest update from the skincare brand. A lightweight gel-crème eye treatment designed to repair the visible impact of lack of sleep, UV, and pollution. The result? Eyes feel renewed and recharged.