Olivia Newton John left a lasting, impactful legacy — not just when it came to her brave facing of illness, but through her continued dedication and unwavering championing for all aspects of mental and physical wellbeing, kindness and compassion. In the wake of her passing, that signature affect continues in the mission of one of her most passion-driven creations, Retreatment Botanics.

Founded alongside Trudi Jaye and a team of natural skin science experts, the award-winning skincare range was built from a passion to create high-efficacy formulas, rich in potent active Australian Botanic ingredients, without toxins, palm-oil (and its derivatives), and harmful practices.

Born in the beautiful Bundjalung hinterland of Byron Bay, the range was originally designed as an accompaniment to the treatments offered at Gaia Retreat, one of Australia’s most awarded and globally renowned wellness retreats, as Trudi says, to “support guests on their journey of transformation.”

As was always Olivia’s mission, adds Trudi, the products have since been made available beyond the retreat, allowing an ever-growing community to experience not just the results-driven range, but be given time to reconnect and escape in ritual.

“I know for myself and very much for Olivia, that she wanted these beautiful products to go out into the world, to help inspire health, wellness and incredible skin to people everywhere, not just be one isolated experience,” she says.

The clean products are for the conscious skincare lover seeking powerful plant actives to transform their skin, with a range designed to address various different skin concerns, from hyperpigmentation to dehydration and fine lines and wrinkles. And while first and foremost the brand is committed to products that are efficacious, their firm commitment to creating the range without harmful ingredients and practices is something they’re now famed for.

“We’re really continuing [Olivia’s] legacy,” Trudi shares. “She was very committed to everything with integrity, doing everything with integrity. We are cruelty-free, we are vegan, we are Australian-made to support our local industry here. We’re also palm-oil free, and that is something very important to us and very unique.”

Palm-oil is a main ingredient in most skincare products, but what many might not know is that the production of the ingredient has detrimental environmental impacts, as well as a contributed to a notable decline of vital fauna, most famously native Orangutans. The decision to exclude palm oil and any of its derivatives from their products was a major milestone for a skincare offering, not just in Australia but globally.

Retreatment Botanics is now the first of its kind — a certified palm-oil free skincare brand of a spa, results-driven quality, with all products having been certified by the Orangutan Alliance.

While adding years of work and development to the range, Trudi says it was a decision that came back to their mission, and something Olivia supported her and her team in wholeheartedly.

“We have shown that it is possible and it can be done in a really beautiful way and you can get exceptional results. You don’t have to compromise on those things and it can be done without [palm-oil].”

Trudi brings a unique, and ‘unusual’ as she describes, experience to Retreatment Botanics, which is evident in the brand’s products. From studying energetic healing and Eastern philosophy and spirituality, to skin and skincare in New York, as well as time spent studying nutritional therapies and reflexology, Trudi brings a varied and in-depth knowledge to the brand.

“It’s really amazing now as the journey has gone on that how I can see all the different pieces have really come together,” she says.

With that experience, has come the acute attention to detail that has seen the Retreatment Botanics community grow so rapidly. Every aspect has been carefully developed with passion and commitment, including right down to the “sensory journey” of the products that have become a signature of the range.

With no artificial fragrances in the products, the team worked hard to find natural essential oils that are not only “very gentle”, as Trudi explains, but “very uplifting and sophisticated” too, all designed to “bring you back to yourself again.”

“Essential oils are often connected back to emotions, to emotional wellbeing and mental wellbeing as well. Things like rose is amazing for the skin and bringing age defying results, but it also brings that heart opening, heart warming feeling. Citrus brings a feeling of joy, sandalwood reduces feelings of anxiety and is grounding. They have all been selected to deliver results on all levels.”

From cleansers to serums, moisturisers and masks, the Retreatment Botanics has something for everyone, no matter the skin concern or goal.

For Trudi, as the brand continues to grow and evolve, she says herself and the team are committed to continuing Olivia’s legacy.

“She really had that vision, so it was like planting the seed and we are just going to grow it even more now.”