If there’s one thing all of us strive for year round, no matter the season, it’s a hydrated, glowing complexion. It might seem like a hard task to master, but according to celebrity makeup artist Michael Brown — the very same behind famous faces, including Jesinta Franklin and Miranda Kerr — there’s a few key products that can help us achieve just that. And no, you don’t have to be a MUA to get a camera-ready finish.

If you’ve been relying on that foundation, forget it. According to Brown, that’s the “worst thing you can do for ‘glowing skin’ pre-makeup. “These days we are lucky to have better quality, skincare inspired foundation formulations and textures, but it really all comes down to a good skin prep (with the right ingredients and textures) to make that glow difference.”

“Skin prep is key for any makeup look and to achieve that glowing skin you want a fresh feeling moisturiser, one that absorbs easily for that instant plump and hydration, plus a brightening ingredient like Vitamin C.”

For his own celebrity clientele, Brown uses the Olay Vitamin C moisturiser and eye cream, as it’s the “perfect weightless texture under makeup, using antioxidant ingredients to protect the skin throughout the day.”

Next up, Brown suggests using a face oil  — but just on your cheekbone area only. “This gives a natural glow highlight where the light hits the face and creates a realistic glow/highlight once foundation is applied, rather than a ‘fake’ sparkly makeup highlight which can look unnatural,” explains Brown.

According to Brown, there’s a big difference between glow and shine, and nailing the balance is going to make a big impact on your overall look. “I use a hydrating blur primer, mainly in the T-Zone area, so it blurs imperfections like textured skin, pores and fine lines, and controls shine by smoothing skin for that blur effect, yet keeping the skin prep glowy!”

For a finishing step, Brown suggests applying foundation as required, adding to not overdo it on the power. “Only where needed, mainly on the nose, central forehead and chin.”

The final step? A good quality foundation. Here are a few of our favourites to add to your beauty routine.