While we all have our tried and true staples in beauty — be it your favourite cleanser, serum, or haircare — it can mean we sometimes forget to branch out and try something new.

There’s no better time to do just that and add to your beauty routine than during HBB’s Wellness Week. With a range of offers from the biggest names in wellness, you’re sure to discover a new fave.

It can be hard to narrow it down though, so let us introduce you to five beauty products we recommend giving a go.

An ultimate self-care indulgence, Fig Femme’s famous RESTORE Mask hydrates, soothes and protects the delicate skin we often forget to nurture. It’s formulated with nourishing ingredients so you can truly unwind.

If you haven’t already got a stash of Sante Makeup Removers on high-rotation, you need to add the hard-working, fuss-free makeup wipe alternative to your routine. Luxuriously soft, all you need to is add water and you’ll be left with your smoothest, cleanest skin yet.

We all want to add a little strength to our strands, right? With Esmi Skin Minerals expertly formulated Strength Shampoo and Conditioner you can repair and strengthen damaged and weak hair, as well as assist in regrowth. The result is thicker, more luscious hair.

The name alone should have you grabbing for Arithmos’ De-Stress oil. Packed with exotic cedarwood and sandalwood essential oils, this luxe, hydrating product is designed to melt into your body to leave it feeling silky and plump. It’ll also give you a healthy, radiant glow in its wake.

Give your skin a little extra TLC thanks to About Time We Met’s AHA Clay Mask. Targeting clogged pores, the formula uses a potent mix of clay and sandalwood to purify and nourish. Say goodby to lacklustre complexions and hello to a bright, beautiful glow.