Show just about anybody a tube in the colour sunshine yellow and they’re sure to know exactly which beauty brand it belongs to. Priscilla Hajiantoni, the incredible brains behind one of Australia’s most successful beauty brands, Bangn Body, has only gone from strength to strength since her business launched in 2019, appearing in Forbes’ 30 Under 30 list, a real “pinch-me” moment for the entrepreneur, and only has her sights set on bigger and better things for Bangn Body’s future (and the beauty industry as a whole), including expanding on the brand’s “life-changing research and charitable initiatives all across the world.”

It’s unsurprising when taking a peek inside the beauty founder’s Black Book, her favourite products are one’s she helped create herself (alongside other familiar favourites). And while her beauty products might be known for their signature bright colours, Hajiantoni defines her everyday style as “smart casual”, usually opting for classically simple and chic pieces to get on with her busy days. Here, take a peek inside what Hajiantoni is shopping.

Bangn Body started from my own passion, wanting natural, vegan-friendly, simplified skincare that worked! I never had the glowing skin my peers did and couldn’t find anything that truly worked and was vegan-friendly and natural. In my 20’s I was skin and beauty-obsessed and realised just how important the products I was putting on my skin were. That led me to formulate a multi-purpose product that has natural ingredients for both the body and face. Alas, Bangn Body’s Firming Lotion!”

“I simply could not go a day without our Bangn Body yellow tube of goodness, the original Firming Lotion. It has been my number one essential since we launched and I simply wouldn't miss a day! Since launching our Discover Face range, our Hydrating Facial cleanser and Firming and Brightening Beauty Treatment have become staples and have saved my dry skin this winter. I think if I had to choose one it would be the Firming Lotion as it just has so many different uses and benefits, it's truly all-in-one.”

“My skincare routine always starts off with our Hydrating Facial Cleanser, followed by our Firming and Brightening Beauty Treatment and then topped off with our Firming Lotion for extra hydration. I keep my routine simple, with only purposeful products to keep my skin nourished, hydrated and protected.”

“My most regularly repurchased beauty item is the Flowerbomb Perfume by Viktor Rolf.”

In lockdown, I have been loving my workouts via KIC. The perfect way to start the day and ensure I get some movement in.”

“If I had to pick three makeup staples for the days I don't want to wear makeup and want to look like I've slept 10 hours, it would be concealer, coloured lip balm for a natural pout, and a good hydrating mist to add a dewy finish.”

“I love my jeans with a white shirt and trench! The most treasured items in my wardrobe are Rollers and Levi’s Denim jeans, they go with everything and fit just right!”

“This summer I’ll be wearing on rotation: a flowy dress, sandals, natural makeup, and cool shades, and of course, my Bangn Body Lip & Eye Beauty Balm.”

“When building the Bangn Body office, I became obsessed with everything Sarah Ellison, Kimmy Hogan Art and Felicity Lea Paintings.”