Image: @jeremychohphoto, @scoopmanagement

From The Iconic to Bonds, Bras N Things, The North Face and even QT Hotels, if you’ve never heard of Zara Fraser, you’ve most definitely already seen her infectious smile. The Sydney-based model and content creator is quickly making her mark, not only appearing in the campaigns of local and global brands alike, but walking the runways of iconic labels too. Think the likes of STAX and Mariam Seddiq. Fraser’s not slowing down and has her sights set on dominating the fashion scene.

Here, she takes time out of her busy schedule on set to share a few insights into her fashion, beauty and homeware favourites, from her all-time makeup remover to the perfect off-duty comfort look.

“I would describe my individual style as… colourful, fun, different, comfortable  and sometimes sexy. I love an outfit that complements my shape.”

“Because I work as a model, I'm always working at different locations, so I alway opt for something comfortable and warm to get to and from jobs — especially if I have an early morning shoot on location. It’s always best to be comfortable. So I would say a cute tracksuit or leggings and a jumper.”

“It has to be my overalls that I got when I was around 12 and still have to this day! They have lasted years and are great for summer. They're super baggy and I embroidered them during COVID for a little but if colour and fun. They are so durable and comfy, definitely the best. Such a great piece to throw over a swim set or paint at home in.”

“Lip balm, because recently I've been misplacing them all the time (haha!).”

“A typical day in my skincare routine looks like... I have a very simple skincare routine, cause I am very lucky to have easy to manage skin. However, working in the fashion industry I end up coming home with a lot of beautiful makeup on that, sadly, I have to wash that off. So, I absolutely LOVE the Alpha H Melting Moment Cleansing Balm. It makes it so easy to wash off the day, it’s definitely my favourite makeup remover. After that, I might do a second cleanse with a face wash. Add in the Alpha H face serums and then finally I apply Cetaphil moisturiser to seal in the treatment.”

“My makeup staples are: A foundation mixed with a moisturiser, an eyebrow pencil and a tinted lip balm. Plus, masacra if I was given a fourth!”

“My signature scent is Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh. It's been my favourite since my sister bought it for my birthday years ago. It’s so beautiful and fresh.”

"When entertaining, I love to dress my table with… Flowers, flowers, flowers! And maybe a candle or two.”

“Glasshouse is definitely my favourite candle brands, because it’s a candle that actually smells when you burn it and fills the room with its scent. They also last a long time! I love the scent of fresh citrus, flowers, and cherry blossoms. Lime and Coconut is one of my favourites.”