When it comes to jewellery, often the more sentimental the piece, the better. Australian jewellery brand Deja Marc has put new meaning to that ethos, creating a completely unique way to personalise jewellery — with fingerprint engraving. Designed to capture cherished memories and special moments, the inspiration comes from the Spanish phrase, ‘Deja tu marca’, meaning ‘Leave your mark’.

Each piece is meticulously crafted using the finest materials, including gold, silver, and precious stones, resulting in a luxurious and one-of-a-kind keepsake, whether its through handwriting, fingerprints or even paw prints. Deja Marc’s fingerprint jewellery offers a beautiful and sentimental way to capture life’s most precious moments.

Below, founder Rosie Plunton opens up about running with her idea (and never looking back) and her current favourite from the Deja Marc range.

“Naivety can be a superpower, because it didn’t take much at all. Once I had the idea, I became obsessed and just went for it. I launched Deja Marc within a year and left my corporate 10 months later.”

“There is no greater feeling than seeing someone wearing a Deja Marc piece of jewellery and talking to them about what the item and what the person on it means to them. The first time I ran over and asked for a photo. I have that photo on my desk now.”

“1. Hello is just the start = Networking is not overrated. 2. Maths class was very important = Cash flow management will make or break you. 3. Work on the business, not in the business = Optimise, outsource, and automate.”

“So that the next generation of girls never have to question becoming a business founder.”

“Our newly launched fingerprint signet rings. A contemporary twist on a classic icon, you can get a fingerprint of a loved one diamond engraved to keep them close.”