After being thrust into the spotlight on one of Australia’s most watched reality television series, Married At First Sight, Jules Robinson’s entrepreneurial journey would be unknowingly sparked, leaving the journey with a clear vision and passion to create a game-changing line of shapewear for women of all shapes and sizes (and that actually worked).

Driven by a desire to design for confidence and comfort, FIGUR has since created an award-winning and revolutionary range that features everything from shorts, skirts and more, and is steeped in a belief that all women should have the means to feel their very best.

A few years on from launch, Robinson opens up about the inspiration behind FIGUR, why she believes it’s so important to throw your support behind fellow female-founded businesses and her current favourite from the shapewear range.

“Every day during the filming of MAFS for three months, I wore many different brands of shapewear. The daily dilemma of it rolling down, shifting seams, slippery mic batteries sliding down the back, and don’t talk to me about the toilet troubles! I once had to take a whole outfit off to go to the toilet as it was so challenging to get the shapewear off without difficulty. Basically, I spent way too much money to be this uncomfortable. So I thought, what if I could make my own shapewear line? And even better, what if I could also make a difference in the world? And that is how FIGUR was created!”

“Being featured in the first Australian edition of Forbes was an incredible honour. It took about two weeks for it sink in and filled me with goosebumps. To be recognised for my hard work and impact is definitely my pinch-me moment”

“Pay yourself from the start. Even just the tiniest bit as it will pave the way. Learn your numbers. Knowing the 'vanity number' (gross profit) is not how much your business tuned over. If you want to be an entrepreneur, build your businesses from the beginning for you to be able to work on your business and not it. I didn’t do that for a long time and this eventually ends in burn out.”

“I think it is so important to support female-founded businesses as I know the time, dedication and involvement it takes to bring your dream to reality. The support I have received around my own business has been one of the main pillars of success for FIGUR. It is important to cheer on your fellow women founders and create strong relationships through your journey as it creates a community that you can truly look to when you need inspiration and advice - which ultimately drives a business to be the best version it can be.”

“Our ULTIMATE RANGE - and specifically our newest product which is the ULTIMATE Skirt - it's a game-changer in shapewear. I took my time developing this product as I wanted it to be the best in the market and the awards speak for themselves! Its revolutionary design has been developed through its mesh technology, gentle boning and compression to create the ultimate support to firm and accentuate a women natural figure. It also has built in underwear, so no visible panty lines & it doesn’t roll down! I have danced for hours in the Skirt!”

“FIGUR was born out of wanting to help and support women to feel beautiful and sexy while wearing shapewear. FIGUR slips on like a second skin and I designed it that way as I was sick of wearing shapewear that cut in, rolled down and was so uncomfortable. My dream of wearing shapewear and feeling amazing was brought to life out of passion and wanting to create an inclusive brand that celebrated everyones body.”