Can one person ever have too many sneakers? The fashion staple is one of those styles that you can truly never get enough of, be it white toned classics to effortlessly pair with your everyday pieces, dressier and on-trend alternatives and, of course, the activewear favourites that lean into more practical silhouettes.

Safe to say, sneakers are a perennial favourite we’ll forever be continually adding into our sartorial rotations, and it’s this time of year that adding to that said collection is best.

Below, here are some of the style’s we’ll be quickly *adding to cart.*

If you ever thought the fashion world would tire of the chunky sneaker trend, think again. From thick soles to standout silhouettes, the celebrity-loved style is here to stay—and we’ve scoured exactly where you’ll find the latest and greatest to add to your collection. Our pick? Balenciaga’s Track Sneaker.

Considering sneakers can be easily paired with just about anything, it’s safe to say we can never have quite enough to fill our wardrobes. From Golden Goose’s glittered heeled Superstar to Maison Margiela’s paint-splattered tips, this season it’s all about adding a statement twist to otherwise classic staples.

If you’re looking to gift the special someone in your life this Christmas, this season’s sneaker lineup is just too good to pass up. Look to the year’s most on-trend shoe, the New Balance 327, in a range of colourways, or go classic with a pair of sleek Raf Simons Orion’s.

Main Image Credit: @deborabrosa