There’s no need to introduce the powerhouse women behind one of Australia’s fastest growing athleisure labels. Pip Edwards and Claire Tregoning of P.E Nation have forged a path unlike any other, taking the brand from strength to strength since launching in 2016.

As well as being regularly spotted on the likes of everyone from Vanessa Hudgens to Kate Bosworth, Cara Delevingne and Hailey Baldwin, the brand has also released collaborations with some of the biggest names in fashion globally, including ASICS and H&M.

Despite all this, it’s clear the brand is only just getting started and has so much more to offer from Edwards’ and Tregoning’s keen eye for trends. Below, Edwards opens up about a few of her favourite moments and why she believes it’s so important to support fellow female founded brands.

“It was the moment in time Claire and I had been waiting for our whole career – we had so much working knowledge and experience under our belt, the idea felt right, we had the right plan, the right story, and the right set up to create a good foundation. All the signs pointed to giving it a good go, believing in ourselves, knowing that this was our ultimate passion.”

“There have been so many from all our incredible collabs, to opening a store, to expanding our global wholesale distribution, to seeing celebs wearing it, to seeing our local community supporting us – it’s all a pinch me moment because we love what we do. And it’s the beauty of all the moments that give you the drive to keep going.”

“There is an emotion, passion, and nurturing energy to the business mentality, which I think is what creates a good heartbeat and connection.

“Supporting female-founded businesses is about diversity, essentially. Diversity is what can take us further than we can imagine. More opportunities outside of the status quo, more growth for the economy, and instilling confidence for more people to be bold and create and build, to just give it a go.”