Driven by the yearning to revisit cherished memories and to hold them close, the three sisters behind Australian jewellery label Sound Jewels were inspired to create something that would allow them to recapture moments with their late father.

Just like an everlasting photo album that one can wear, the brand’s unique designs seek to capture the essence of life’s most precious memories through bespoke jewellery, from engraved necklaces to adjustable rings and more that are as sentimental as they are timeless.

Below, Rania opens up about the Sound Jewels journey and shares a few words of wisdom.

“We wanted to add a spark of joy to someone’s life every day.”

“Being able to connect with so many influencers daily and exploring the world of social marketing — growth is everything!”

“Develop a concept, execute a clear plan and never discard an idea that comes to mind, no matter how minor it is. It’s ok to stuff up, sometimes that births a new idea.”

“Purely because women have artistic minds that instrument ideas filled with success.”