If you’re looking to expand your jewellery collection or in the process of switching up your usual accessories repertoire, there is a host of sleek, sophisticated and downright stunning brands to look out for — which better yet, were founded by a few incredible, trailblazing female founders. Ahead, we’re sharing a little bit about the Australian jewellery brands to get acquainted with, each one with unique designs that both play into traditional designs and redefine them. Whether you’re seeking silhouettes that are classic or daring, you’ll find them here.

When Nikki Thurin began hand-crafting jewellery for her personal collection, her unique and stunning pieces quickly garnered the attention of others who would ask for custom requests — which eventuated into the creation of Enesea Jellewery. The brand is inspired by her surroundings on Bondi Beach, using classic materials in a contemporary way. Here, you’ll find hardware, shells, beads and semi-precious stones on stunning gold finishes.

S-kin Studio founder Chi Mai knew that finding everyday jewellery that was equally as stunning as it was well-made and durable was no easy task. Enter her own creations at S-kin, which “focus on high-quality every day jewellery that doesn’t hurt your skin.” The brand has built a loyal following since its inception, specialising in ear piercing stacks (perfect for those looking to master the coveted earscape) and personalised pieces.

Made for the serious statement-makers in mind, Mountain and Moon’s founders Audrey and Ashton completely embody their jewellery creations — bold and fearless. Each collection and piece forgoes trends in favour of designs that transcend cultures, staples and eras to create truly unique offerings. Giving back was important to the brand, so a small portion of profits is donated to the Saheli Women Foundation in India.

Accessible luxury is how Autore Moda describes itself, bringing world famous Autore pearls to a new audience. Ruby Autore, the brand’s founder, is focused on bringing a touch of luxe to the everyday, with a curated and considered collection of South Sea Pearl jewellery that effortlessly embodies sophistication and style. If you’re a Sydney-sider, be sure to check out the brand’s Double Bay Flagship Boutique, designed in collaboration with interior designer Alex Morrison.

Reliquia needs little introduction, with the Australian-founded brand a firm favourite in jewellery collections everywhere. But did you know the cult label was also founded by the same businesswoman behind other cult labels like BLANCA and AEYRE Home? Ana Piteira is the brains behind the famed accessories, known for designs that are playfully daring.

Having grown up in a family jewellery business, The Love Alchemy founders Giusella and Valentina wanted to bring their passion for gemstones and precious jewellery into their own creations, with a focus on high-quality pieces that become instantly “woven into your family’s greatest stories.” Each piece has its own story, and is expertly crafted using pure gold, all sourced from sustainable suppliers and manufactured in their supply chain.

Since its launch in 2012, Amber Sceats’ namesake accessories brand has become synonymous with timeless, luxe pieces to be treasured, and have proudly been sported by global style setters like Rosie Huntington Whitely. Vogue Williams and Jen Ceballos. The brand’s most recent offering is a collection in collaboration with Keep It Cleaner co-founder Steph Claire Smith, featuring designs for both daily wear and special occasions — all named after special people in her life.

Shaped by “a philosophy of creating lasting pieces of adornment”, Twelve AM’s signature pieces are expertly crafted and consciously made to order. Each piece in the Sydney-based brand’s collection uses recycled sterling silver, Australian gold, natural gemstones and certified authentic Australian diamonds from the Argyle mine in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. But what truly sets them apart is the unique process by designer Anitra Metzler, who uses the casting of selected organics, florals and dried leaves to preserve their intricate detail.

Created in 2015 as a collaboration between friends Sara and Maddy to create pieces they both loved, Kate & Kole has since become one of Australia’s leading jewellery offerings. The initial side-project born from their home studio in Newcastle now features eight signature jewellery collections and a unique, custom design service that caters to all kinds of jewellery needs. Timeless, fine pieces that centre around quality metals, diamonds and stones is now synonymous with the Australian brand, from custom-created engagement rings to statement pearls and beyond.