If there’s anything to be said about modern jewellery, it’s that there really are no rules to define it. Mix-matched pieces in vibrant colours have never been so mainstream, with fashion enthusiasts bringing a unique edge to their jewellery collections. That trend into customised and personal pieces is personified by Australian-founded jewellery label Covet Goldie.

Founded by Hayley Roberts, the colourful collection is made up of vibrant, show-stopping and expertly crafted European glass crystals, all of which are offered up in a multitude of colours, shapes and sizes. Best yet, Roberts understands that jewellery is a personal journey, so created a customisation option to her pieces that allows the wearer full control. The result? Pieces that you’ll treasure forever.

In celebration of Her Black Book’s The List, Roberts shared a little bit about her Covet Goldie journey so far, and what it’s taken to build a successful brand.

“Being a first time, small business owner, I can honestly say every day is an evolution for COVET GOLDIE, which of course, has been challenging at times. During inception I definitely took ‘baby steps’ launching via Instagram only with a fixed number of styles available. Fast forward nine months and COVET GOLDIE has evolved from offering predesigned earrings only to introducing a ‘Design Your Own’ feature via a new COVET GOLDIE digital platform. As of just last month, I also introduced necklaces to the collection and have diversified into working with local and international retail platforms to expand the COVET GOLDIE community.”

“At its core, COVET GOLDIE delivers exceptional quality jewellery that pushes the boundaries. It does not conform to trends and offers a vast number of designs which I believe is why customers are attracted to the brand and keep coming back. It is incredibly important to me that I create a relationship with the COVET GOLDIE community so that I am able to build the brand based on their feedback and wants as ultimately, I want every woman to have access to jewellery that will make her feel confident and glamorous.”

“I am so proud of COVET GOLDIE’s ‘Design your own’ feature. We have all been in a situation where we have just bought an amazing outfit and then have to spend hours (that we don’t have!) trawling for the perfect jewellery to complete the look. COVET GOLDIE is not a ‘one size fits all’ model and since every piece is handmade in Sydney, I thought the perfect progression in line with the brands ethos would be to offer customisation. After weeks of working with a digital specialist, the CG website now offers three of the bestselling styles with the option to ‘mix and match’ the crystal colours, choosing from any of the hundreds of colour combinations available.”

“Real talk: we’re human, we all make mistakes and that is OK, even in business. I have learnt not to put too much pressure myself, set realistic expectations and reward myself every once in a while!”

“Passion, determination, and a willingness to adapt to change. The fashion industry is evolving every day, especially online, and trends come and go so it’s important to remain true to your brand and listen to your community. I have worked in the fashion industry for over twenty years and I don’t think I have ever been so far out of my comfort zone as I have starting COVET GOLDIE, however, no matter how tough it gets – the stress, the long days/nights, I am driven by the belief that COVET GOLDIE is something special and the journey so far has been incredible.”