Any interior lover will know, there’s nothing more exciting than finding a piece that fits perfectly into your space. Whether it’s sourced from social media on the recommendation of a fellow wares enthusiast or from the faithful brands that have you continually coming back for more, filling our homes with unique homewares is a passion most of us never tire of.

In fact, beyond the loved pieces already sitting pretty on your mantle, there are plenty of undiscovered homeware destinations just waiting to be found. During Her Black Book’s ‘House Party’, take a moment to browse through the incredible collections of the homeware brands you might never have heard of (but absolutely should have).

Prepare to give your bathroom the ultimate upgrade, thanks to the sustainably and ethically made pieces at Miss April. The brand’s collection features hand-crafted Turkish towels using traditional techniques passed down from generation to generation. The result? Stunningly luxe towels that you won’t want to unwrap yourself from post-shower.

If you don’t already have a few Black Blaze pieces scattered throughout your home, you’ve no doubt spotted them across your Instagram feeds. The Australian-based brand specialised in creations that celebrate “great nature, art and minimalist designs”, with their signature contemporary style taken effortlessly into each and every piece.

Mrs Tablescape is quickly becoming an absolute must for any table setting, thanks to its unique and one-of-a-kind offering. Founder Carolyn Dorrian sources incredible artisans from around the world to create its cult pieces, whether that’s hand painted candles, ceramics or high-end colourful pasta.

If your space is all about finding truly unique and special pieces, Australian designer Liana Shaw Taylor’s Studio Tutti is where to find it. Celebrating the idea that made objects are meant to last and founded from a passion for design and sustainability, every item at Studio Tutti items is carefully and expertly curated from local vintage stores, garage sales and collectors alike.

“Bold, colourful, empowering and adventurous” — the four incredible traits that make up the collection at Greta Home. From art to tableware to throws and cushions, each and every design at the homeware destination is designed to evoke joy and happiness, and bring that feeling into your home.