It’s a New Year, and that means a fresh chance to make a few healthy switches. Whether you’re going all out on the resolutions or just looking to create a more balanced approach to wellness, there are probably a few brands (and products) that you had no idea existed, but should absolutely have on your radar.

Take a look below at some of the brands taking part in HBB’s Wellness Week. Trust us, these will have you equipped to take on 2023.

If you’re a tea enthusiast (or wanting to try something new), Golden Wattle Tea is for you. Grown and handcrafted in Australia since 2015, the brand brings together the expertise of tea masters and blenders to offer unique flavours and aromas that assist with a healthy lifestyle. Whatever you’re looking to achieve — better sleep, relaxation, a strengthened immune system — Golden Wattle Tea has a blend for it.

If you’re looking beyond just a powder to incorporate collagen into your day, look to Locako’s unique range of collagen products. While the brand does, of course, offer your traditional collagen formulas, it also includes a range of creamers, DIY mixes, pantry items and more to make taking your collagen a welcome addition to your day. All with its signature healthy, harm free ingredients.

With a mission of helping women feel their best, every day, Seed Cycle is an Australian-first solution to balancing hormones. With the option to subscribe to a Seed Cycle Subscription, the wellness brand is making things conveneitne and consistent, and you can choose between the Phase 1 (follicular and new moon) and Phase 2 (luteal and full moon) Signature Blends or The Seed Cycle Bake Mix Duo and you are able to switch this each month to your liking.

Taking care of your gut can be the fast way to more energy and clear, glowing skin. Founder of The Gut Co and naturopath, Pernille Jensen, has over 12 years experience researching the relationship between gut function and the rest of the body, and has poured that expertise into her brand. Try out the The Gut Co’s convenient bundles for an all-over reset.

With a mission to promote beauty and wellness from the inside out, The Collagen Co’s unique range includes a few other beneficial ingredients too, such as Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid and Biotin, all for an added boost. The unique formulation also features a blend of three types of collagen peptides that target skin, hair and nails, promote healthy joints as well as ligaments and tendons.

With unique flavours and a combination of antioxidants, probiotics and prebiotics, Angel Glow’s product range offers up four natural ingestible marine collagen supplements. The premium Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen promotes and maintains healthy hair, nail strength, reduces fine lines and wrinkles as well as leave skin feeling firm and plump.

The philosophy behind Pharma Botanica is simple: ‘Nature has always provided the answers.’ The wellness brand’s large range of plant-based natural health remedies address everything from hormonal imbalance, immune system function, heart health, sleep and more. If you’re looking to refresh from the inside out, explore the range here.