Brand Landing

Why Her Black Book? 

Sales, promotions and incentives are a natural part of the retail cycle, but getting your message through to keen would-be shoppers when you need it is getting harder - emails go unopened, algorithms are unpredictable, and advertising is getting more expensive and less effective. 

Her Black Book is here to help get your message in the hands of shoppers, when they’re ready to shop, with push notifications so they never miss an offer from their favourite brands again.   

We won’t just promote your offers, we’ll do it in a premium, aspirational environment that is more aligned with your brand and more aligned with HER, your customer. 

Her Back Book is a sleek new app launching November 21, created to deliver an exciting experience of shopping discovery. It includes an inbuilt magazine covering the latest trends, profiling well known tastemakers your audience will recognise and resonate with; and it has carefully managed tiers such as ‘Designer’, ‘Fashion’, ‘Sports’ and ‘Homewares’ to manage brand adjacencies. 

Hundreds of brands across all categories have already signed up, so you’ll be in great company.

How will your offers appear on the app?

Customers can browse the app by Latest, Featured, and Most Popular, as well as browsing categories: Designer, Fashion, Shoes, Swim, Sport, Beauty, Kids, Homewares and Travel. 

The homepage is divided into two main sections: 

  • DISCOVER: wide ranging promotions including offers, sales, and incentives, including cashback
  • MEMBERS: subscriber only access to listings of flash sales and promotion up to 72 hours 

How much does a customer’s subscription cost? 

Users can subscribe for between $9.99 (3 months) through to $24.99 (annually). 

If the app centralises offers, does this mean you need to discount more?

No! On the contrary. Publishing your offers on Her Black Book is similar to pushing your message out via email, digital advertising or social media. Its a method of amplification when you need it. 

Want to avoid ‘sale’ messaging altogether? 

You can do this too. Promote conditional offers such as ‘10% off for new customers’; ‘X% off when you spend over Y’; or ‘Gift with purchase’. Whatever your goal - customer acquisition, salience and visibility, or inventory clearance - you can tailor a message to fit your brand and objectives. 

How much does it cost? 

There are two methods to connect and list your offers on Her Black Book: 

  1. Via an Affiliate Partner.
    We are currently partnered with Rakuten, Commission Factory and Awin (more to come). Simply log into one of the affiliate portals listed and apply to connect with Her Black Book. These portals provide convenience as well as cashback capabilities.
    Your usual affiliate rates apply.

  2. Partner Direct and use the HBB Partner Portal
    Partner direct and receive login access to our partner portal to upload and manage brand messages any time. This method does not enable cashback, but allows you to list offers, promotions, sales, as well as flash sales. Partnering direct is a flat fee for the first year. No affiliate fees apply.

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*pricing is subject to change. See terms & conditions.