What is Her Black Book?

Her Black Book - Deals, Drops & Discovery - is a curated Shopping & Discovery App that’s designed for the savvy shopper! Find the best deals, discounts and value for money with your favourite local and global brands. Enjoy our digital mag for inspo, style tips and sales guides.

What’s available in the Her Black Book app?

When you download and register in the app you can browse hundreds of great retail deals for free in the ‘Discover’ tab and via the category navigation along the top of the app.

You can also browse inspiration with access to our very own Her Black Book digital magazine.

Why do I need to follow Brands and Interests?

Apart from helping us bring you more deals that you will love, you will soon be able to get notifications of flash sales from your favourite brands, so you can say bye bye to deal FOMO and never miss an update or a bargain from your beloved brands again.

What if I try a discount and it doesn’t work?

Her Black Book strives for the highest level of deal accuracy and we test each offer when it is shared by our brands.

If you find a deal that is not working, please report it to contact@herblackbook.com. We will check and update the app as soon as possible for all of our shoppers. After all, saving you time is part of our mission!

How can retailers get involved?

If you are a brand or retailer and would like to learn more about listing your offers, please contact hello@herblackbook.com

Where can I find the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions?

Right here:



Where can I share ideas or feedback?

We’d love to hear your thoughts! No idea or feedback is too small to make a difference. Please share it with us at contact@herblackbook.com where our team will build it into our priority list. Thanks for taking the time!

How do I delete my Her Black Book account?

  1. Go to Account & Settings in Her Black Book app (it's the profile image on the toolbar)
  2. Click Account > Personal Information
  3. Under the Save button click Delete My Account
  4. Enter 'Delete' into the confirmation box

Hit the red Delete Account button

I need more help!

If we still haven’t answered your query and you need more assistance, please get in touch via contact@herblackbook.com.

You’ll also help us address the most frequently asked questions right here on this FAQ! Teamwork makes the dreamwork! Thank you for being part of the Her Black Book community.

Cashback FAQs

What is the Cashback section of the app for?

Cashback is available on the Her Black Book App. Cashback applicable offers are listed throughout the app. To withdraw your funds, you must have a PayPal account.

How do you find Cashback on the Her Black Book app?

Her Black Book has the ability to earn Cashback in our app! It's easy to start earning — simply look out for the pink banners that appear amongst the deals + promos on the app, indicating those that include a % cashback.

On a deal landing page, you'll also find a larger pink banner, where you can learn more about the cashback offer.

Example Cashback Banner:

How long does it take to get my cashback?

Once your purchase is verified, you can go to the WALLET icon along the bottom of your HBB app and click TRANSACTIONS where you will see your pending cashback amount.

The cashback will become available in your Her Black Book wallet within the number of days stated under "RECEIVED" in the pink cashback banner. You can withdraw this cash to your PayPal as soon as it's available in your wallet.

What is Cashback & how does it work?

Cashback is a type of retail incentive where brands will give you real cashback when you make a purchase during a specific promotional window, e.g. "get 10% cashback until midnight 31st December."

Cashback is managed by a cashback partner like Her Black Book, which will track and confirm the authorised purchase and manage a cashback wallet for you.

Once the funds have cleared the verification and pending period, you can withdraw the cash from your PayPal account!

You'll never want to make a purchase without checking for cashback again!

How to redeem Cashback on Her Black Book

It's important you follow the correct steps to ensure your cashback sale is properly tracked so you can receive your cashback seamlessly.

Please pay important attention to the steps below, but don't worry, if something goes wrong, we have a cashback concierge ready to help.

  • Download & open the Her Black Book mobile app
  • Browse any of the listed cashback deals or search for one by looking up your favourite brands, such as Nike or Sephora, or browse your favourite categories, like Fashion, Beauty, Homewares and more
  • An authorised cashback offer in Her Black Book will have an unmissable pink gradient banner which will expand when you click on it, sharing the % cashback,
  • Once you've found a cashback offer that you want, click the tile iwhich will take you directly to the merchant's website via a special link which will track your purchase and facilitate the cashback. Browse and complete your purchase within that tab. Try not to not close the app or tab until you finish your purchase or your cashback may not be tracked properly.
  • We know — interruptions happen! If you get disrupted during your shopping journey, come back to the Her Black Book app, look up that deal and click the tile again to refresh the tracking and ensure it wasn't lost. You shouldn't need to start all over, you should find the cart is just where you left it.
  • Repeat this process starting from the Her Black Book app every time you want to make a purchase.
  • Avoid clicking any ads during this process which may override the tracking source instead of crediting your Her Black Book cashback wallet.

How long does it take to get my cashback?

There is a verification period (usually 48 hours) and a receipt period (usually 30 to 90 days). You can see both of these waiting periods upfront on any cashback deal by clicking the pink gradient Cashback banner.

Verification is the period during which your sale is being confirmed by the merchant. It will then appear in your 'Pending Transactions' list.

The cashback will then have a pending period of 30 - 90 days, until the return window has closed and the brand has passed on the funds to be disbursed to the customer.

You can view your Transaction List in your Her Black Book wallet anytime and see your verified deals, and how much longer until they become available to withdraw.

Can I withdraw my cashback?

Yes! Once you have accumulated a minimum of $10 cashback in your PayPal account, you can withdraw your funds. Currently, the authorised method of withdrawing funds is via a PayPal account. If you don't have a PayPal account, it's easy to create one. Your withdrawal request will then be processed and the cashback will be deposited into your account within 3 - 5 working days.

What if I placed a purchase but it's not appearing in my Transaction List after 48 hours?

Very occasionally, purchases do not track correctly, usually from not following the process in the tips above. In this case, please contact our cashback concierge with details of your purchase. We will contact the merchant's cashback customer care channel, and if your order can be verified manually, they will add it to your Transaction List and it will go through the same Pending Period above until you withdraw your cash.

Refer a Friend

Her Black Book rewards you with a bonus for every qualified new member (up to a total of 10 members) you have referred. Her Black Book also rewards your friend for signing up.

Details of the Refer A Friend bonus are:

Share your referral code with friends to earn $5 per new registration, your friends will also receive $5 Cashback to spend in the HBB app

When and how do I receive the bonus?

The relevant bonus for you and your friend will be credited into your respective Her Black Book “Wallets” a maximum of 60 days after your friend signs up or purchases the paid Her Black Book membership.